Breaking ground with a new idea brings up a lot questions – which is good because that means you care. In the following paragraphs we collected the questions Science Hack Day organisers have been asked so far all around the world. Got more? Don’t hesitate to contact us at tadej@sciencehackday.si.

Who may attend?

Everybody can attend the Science Hack Day. You don’t need to have a particular background in science or IT, but if you have – awesome! The most important thing is that you are excited about scientific experiments and that you ambitious to build or develop something in a team.

Who is organizing Science Hack Day Ljubljana?

We all are interested volunteers from the worlds of science and technology with support of the Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia (ZOTKS).

Where is the Science Hack Day Ljubljana being held?

Faculty of Electrical Engineering has generously offered their space.

I want to come, but I don’t speak Slovenian. What now?

In the spirit of Science Hack Day, language should not be the limit to attend, although we will be in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Unfortunately we can not guarantee that all talks and pitches will be in English, but we will encourage its use during the event and for presentations if we will have international attendees.

What should I bring?

Think of all the tools and materials, which might be useful or inspirational during the hackathon. Any additional usual scientific equipment. Of course your computer. Don’t forget a pillow and a sleeping bag to rest for a few hours during the night.

Is there free food and Wi-Fi?

Of course there will be free Wi-Fi. We also provide meals, snacks and drinks during the whole weekend.

How many people do we expect?

As it is the first Science Hack Day in Ljubljana this year, even we are not sure. But we will have space for 150 attendees.

Are there constraints on what my idea can be about?

Basically, we do not want to put constraints on the topic of your pitch. We expect a bunch of different attendees so you might be able to find experts for many questions. The time frame is given and should be taken into account. We expect teams of up to eight science fans.

How do I find people to work on my idea?

In fact, that is one of the goals of Science Hack Day. As soon as you show the interest to come, you will get an opportunity to add an idea to an online list. We will also start with the pitches on Saturday morning, so all ideas will be presented. After the short presentation of the basic ideas there will be time for other people to join you and start a discussion. The hacking will then start after lunch but you can still form teams afterwards.

How should I prepare?

As we support spontaneous ideas you don’t need any preparation at all. But if you already have some great idea note that we will only provide about 1 minute presentation time for each pitcher. So you should use that time wisely to motivate enough attendees to work on your project. You will have more than enough time later to answer all questions after the pitches.

What is the result of ideas, intellectual property?

This event is in the spirit of an open community so be prepared that we cannot grant you exclusive rights on any outcome of Science Hack Day. The results will be published at out website and we may film the presentations in part or in whole.

How do I join?

Watch this space. We will announce registration late summer. Follow us on social networks for latest updates.